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Lars Henrik builds a bridge between joyous, anthemic pop melodies and heartrending self-reflection. The singer and producer from Detmold, Germany, is heavily drawn toward writing synth-based upbeat earworms. Lars describes his songwriting process not only as a form of keeping a diary but, most of all, as a chance to share exaltation with his listeners. Being an over-thinker and not shying away from notions that are hard to admit aloud, Lars Henrik hopes to spread honest appreciation for one's own emotions and the collective feeling of being understood.

Lars' solo debut single "Masterpiece" is a heartfelt homage to savoring the moment. Its catching euphoria centers on the gratitude for how unbelievably fulfilling the company of someone can feel and the desire to let this sensation never cease. "Masterpiece" is an appeal to enjoying all the bright instants that you can rely on even in socially distant times.

While he originally grew up in front of the piano and guitars, Lars Henrik also can be heard fronting the band Karmeleon with his original songs.