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Anthemic feel-good vibes with euphoric electronic soundscapes and the power of uplifting heavy pop!

Lars Henrik builds the bridge between joyous synthpop melodies and heartrending self-reflection. The singer and producer from Detmold, Germany, describes his diary-like songwriting process as the rawest form of sharing sympathy for one's most intimate emotions. His solo debut single 'Masterpiece' is a heartfelt homage to savoring every moment. Its catching euphoria centers on the gratitude for how unbelievably fulfilling the company of loved ones can be - a feeling he delights in sharing with every crowd that sings along.

After debuting and gigging with his band Karmeleon in 2021, Lars first performed his brand-new electrifying live show under his name the year after. The entirely self-produced artist will release a wave of freshly written songs in 2023. Musically, Lars Henrik's style is the electropop love child of the enthusiastic OneRepublic sound and Coldplay's catchy sing-along factor.